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Interior Doors & Built-in Cabinets

largeWe can replace broken closet doors; you know your double closet doors that don't work properly anymore. You can put up new bifold door kits or a set of raised panel pre-hung French doors. When doing this it is also possible to enlarge the closet doors giving more access to the closet.

We install prefab cabinets wherever you need them for that extra storage space you've been wanting. We can also custom make built-in cabinets when stock sizes or styles aren't good enough.

Below you see wider French doors installed to give better access, and custom-made cabinets in between.

Built in Cabinest

New wider closet doors with Built-in cabinets installed between them.

Trim Molding's

largeWe install detailed interior molding's such as crown molding and chair rail. We can do wainscoting by putting molding's on the wall under a chair rail. When painted the woodwork color, usually semi-gloss white, it gives the effect of having more extensive woodwork. If you've seen it you know it really looks great. We can also do wainscoting by putting boards on the wall, but this costs double the first procedure.

Belbow are some designs we installed using chair rail and wainscot boxes. If necessary we can do layout designs so you'll see what you're getting beforehand. These include a 5 1/4 inch baseboard, 3 1/2 inch chair rail and 1 3/4 inch ogee molding's in the shape of boxes.

wainscoting boxes

faux wainscoting

planning wainscoting

wainscoting on stairs

chair rail stairs

Wood Flooring

largeWe install new 3/4 inch solid oak floors over existing floors. You buy the flooring at Depot or Lowe's and we'll install it for you. Whether you get 2 1/4 or 3 1/4 inch tongue and groove flooring you'll be delighted with your new floors.

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