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  Vinyl Windows Reduce Heating Costs

Vinyl Casement Did you know that siding your home is not the only way to insulate your walls, that you can also blow in insulation between the inner and outer walls of your house? This is accomplished by drilling holes every 16 inches, blowing in the insulation and then closing and spackling up the hole so that it's ready to paint. This only needs to be done on the walls that form the outer shell of your house.

Doors & Weather Stripping

Do you have doors that don't have any weather stripping at all? Or maybe the door itself isn't an insulated door. We can install new exterior doors or just new weather stripping, on the sides and on the bottom.

Replacement Windows

We have been providing and installing high quality wood and vinyl replacement windows for years. New vinyl replacement windows are a great way to cut down on high heating bills, along with wall and attic insulation, they comprise a third leg of a smart home insulation strategy.

Attic Insulation

You may not know that currently attic insulation R-value for our area is set at R-49, but do you know that's where most of your heat is lost and also through your attic door/hatch? Good attic insulation is critical to saving heat in your house. These problems can be corrected by either blowing in more insulation or rolling out another layer on top of the layer you already have. Your attic door can also be properly sealed.

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New Windows and Doors can save on energy costs.

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