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Our Products and Services

We use only top quality products, and perform detailed professional painting at a honest price. Also, we design and install decorative wood trim such as chair rails and wainscoting (see side column). We produce work that you will enjoy for years to come.

By using only the best paint products we can insure the quality of the result without runs or sages that won't chip or peel. Good professional quality paint in an essential component of a superior result. Our experience demonstrates which products really do in fact produce the promised result.

Every job must be a job of which we can be proud. We carefully prep the walls, ceilings and woodwork with spackling, sanding, and primer where needed. Existing deficiencies such as cracks and ceiling problem areas are also corrected prior to actual painting. Again, our expertise in the mechanics of interior painting including careful prep work, and beautifully detailed trim, create a room you'll really enjoy.

We also do custom FAUX painting with subtle or more vibrant results suitable to various rooms in your home.

You'll get consistent uniform surfaces, straight lines, even cover of color, and no mess on your nice hardwood floors. It takes years of practice to make it look that good, so let us do it and you won't be disappointed.

Preparation Services

We correct imperfections in walls correcting problems with drywall or plaster. We repair water damaged ceilings or can even patch and repair large holes resulting from plumbing problems. Is it time to have those cracked ceilings or walls repaired? Whatever the problem we can fix it! We can make your house look like new again!

This needs to be done correctly, if it's not either it will look bad when the painter walks out the door or the cracks will return in six months. This is not an area that can be compromised.

Please be assured that we respect your house just as you do; this is demonstrated through our top quality work, and guarantee to do the job right. You'll be glad that you entrusted your home to an expert.

Guaranteed Work

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and our work is guaranteed for a full year!

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