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  What You Should Know About Replacement Window

For Andersen Woodwright wood insert windows see  Wood Replacement Windows.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Replacement windows are a great way to save money on your energy bills. If you follow the Energy Star link to the right you'll see the average homeowner will save 15% on their energy bills by installing new replacement windows, which means that on average they'll pay for themselves in 7 to 10 years.

Additionally you won't feel cold sitting next to a window because on the inside the windows aren't cold.

Window Companies

One really needs to watch out for bargain window companies. I know someone who purchased what they thought were energy tax credit windows but the windows weren't labeled. The government requires labeling, if they don't have a label that specifies the U-factor, U-30 being the current energy tax credit requirement, then they are not energy tax credit or even energy star, a slightly lower standard, windows.

Proper Installation

Another problem that I've seen is that the windows aren't always installed properly. You shouldn't have any problems closing and locking the windows if they were installed properly. It takes more time to install them plumb and square, but it's a good investment. Improper installation may cause windows to not seal properly and can cause premature wear and breakage.

The exterior caulk seal is also important. Some caulks, less expensive, will harden and crack, which can both compromise the adhesion of the window to the opening and allow air from the outside to enter. High quality caulk, or rather window sealant, is more expensive but shouldn't be considered an optional part of doing a good job.

Do you know enough about all these factors and other considerations that I haven't mentioned to have your windows installed by the lowest bidder? You need to get both excellent quality windows and excellent installation, and usually a local carpenter will do the best possible job of installation.

Cost of Replacement Windows

Cost of replacement windows can roughly be estimated as follows.
Cost of Installation
For and older home that have wood sashes and single pane windows, it will take 2 or 3 hours apiece to install them, wood "replacement windows" made by Andersen take a little longer due to exterior finishing requirements. Casement window (a crank out window) replacement usually takes about 4 hours.

Newer homes that were originally constructed with double pane windows generally require a "full-frame" window, which takes normally takes about 8 hours to install, but this varies depending on size.

Extraordinary problems would include badly out of square window openings due to settlement and a rotted sill that would need to be replaced require additional labor to correct the problems.
Cost of Windows
Expect to pay about $200 for quality Energy Star double-hung vinyl windows, $400 for vinyl casements, and about $600 for wood "replacement" windows. Full-frame wood windows such as made by Andersen and Pella start at $600 depending on size.

Window Warranties

Both wood and vinyl window are available, the choice is entirely a matter of preference. I will say that the manufacturer warranties on vinyl windows are usually better than on wood windows. Ten years is a good warranty for most wood windows like Pella and Andersen. .

Most vinyl window manufactures use a limited lifetime guarantee on the frame and frame components, and a 20 year warranty on the glass and its integrity, i.e. fogging between the panes, while wood windows are usually 10 year warranties.