Flat Screen TV Mounting by Masters Touch!
        Flat Screen TV Mounting With Wires Behind Wall

Flat Screen TV Mounting

largeWe can mount your TV where you want it and get the mount properly attached to the studs. Sometimes just finding the studs can be a challenge. Let us help with this job and it will cost less than you think.

tv installation with wires behind wall flat screen mounting with wires behind wall

Best Surge Suppression

largeWe will mount this combo box behind your set and the other down by the floor.. These boxes handle both high and low voltage cables. This is the secret of high end surge suppression. These boxes are not connected to your house wiring. The box with the male plug goes down by the floor and an extension cord, which is included, runs to your surge suppressor.

Belkin, the brand I use, says you should replace it every 4 years. If you get a surge suppressor built into a receptacle how are you going to change it? Bad idea!

wires behind wall install with wires behind walls

TV Mounting With Wires Behind Wall

largeWe'll do the job with less mess and you'll save money. Why not call today?

wires behind wall install with wires behind walls

Price of TV Mounting

Price is $250 to install TV with wires behind wall as shown, which includes the wiring boxes kit shown above (on left).  Mount is extra.  This price applies to both plaster and drywall installation.  Installation over a fireplace may be more.

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(If no answer please call my cell 484-343-3377)

surge supression

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Professional installation
means we save time
and you save money!

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Also means
job completed
with less mess!


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