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  Andersen Woodwright Replacement Windows
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Wood Windows

If you're considering replacement windows then you should know that wood windows come in two varieties: full-frame windows and frame-within-a-frame windows or replacement windows. With full frame windows we remove and replace the trim boards and pull out the old frame. This is usually the case on newer homes.

However with older homes you can use replacement windows. In this case you remove only the old window sashes and install a new window within the remaining window opening. This makes the installation go faster and saves you the additional labor.

Andersen Woodwright Wood Replacement Windows

Not only do these windows look every bit as nice as your original windows when they were new but they are not costly to install like full-frame wood windows. The Andersen Woodwright windows have an overall depth of 4 9/16 inch like your original windows but only a 3 1/4 inch jam size, which means they install like a replacement window, the best of both worlds. In addition, these windows will really warm up your house because they are so energy efficient.

Andersen Woodwright News Article

For more info about Andersen Woodwright windows, including product price, please see our News Page and look for the "Andersen Woodwright Windows" article.

Easier Installation

Andersen Woodwright windows allow for easier installation but retain the look of your original windows!


Did you know that the installation of new windows critically affects their performance and useful life?

Poor installation can cause sagging sills and difficult to close and lock windows, which obviously compromises the units insulating performance. Windows that are determined to not have been installed plumb and square will not be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Also make sure that your windows aren't measure too small, which is a common mistake, and that the windows are properly sealed and insulated inside and out. All of these points we feel are critical to successful installation.

Loaded with Options!

These windows live up to the promise of high insulation value, longer life, ease of operation and they retain the original quality and appearance of your home. Give us a call and we'll discuss the options with you, interior or exterior grills, full or half screens, pre finished or natural interior and all come with a maintenance free exterior in a choice of colors. And of course you'll get first class installation to go along with your new first class windows.

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